Compare Introductory Simulations.

Our Introductor Simulations.

The familiarization of fundamentals of business, played over shorter round times.

This simulation range exposes participants to all aspects of modern marketing. It allows your students to develop and execute a complete marketing strategy, including brand design, pricing, ad copy design, media placement, distribution, and sales force management. Throughout the exercise, students receive information on customer needs as well as a feedback on customer satisfaction with brands dhdhs   


The Strategic Marketing simulation allows your students to develop and execute a complete marketing strategy including:

  • Market opportunity analysis

  • Brand development

  • Advertising

  • Pricing

  • Sales force management

  • Profitability projections and analysis

prices and advertising. They discover how their actions reflect in both brand profitability and firm profitability. They will learn to prepare sales projections and analyze simple accounting statements. They will study competitive tactics and adjust their marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition.


A large, international electronics firm has decided to enter the microcomputer business. It has formed a new PC Marketing Division to pursue this business opportunity. Your students have been asked to manage this PC Division. They will have limited financial resources and complete accounting responsibility. They will be introducing a new line of microcomputers into twenty international markets. They have control of the PC Division for the next several periods (quarters). Within this time frame, Headquarters expects to see a self-sufficient and profitable division.

Target Courses

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management and Capstone Marketing courses.


Grading is based on the balanced scorecard that measures profitability, customer satisfaction, market share in the targeted market segments, preparedness for the future and wealth.

Assurance of Learning

Our business simulations offer a number of assessment tools that address the requirements from the AACSB such as the formulation of learning objectives and the possibility to measure how well their objectives are met.

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